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Antiglare Windows (AG) – View Thru's line of antiglare finishes are designed to help to reduce the impact of surface reflections. The antiglare coatings are configured to help control or diffuse surface reflection without sacrificing the clarity or resolution of the displayed image. When applied to polycarbonate or acrylic substrates, the antiglare coatings also provide a hard coating for improved surface durability.

Antireflection Filters (AR) – View Thru’s line of antireflection coatings are vacuum deposited coatings that have been developed to reduce specular reflection on optical substrates. The normal 4% first surface reflection of a polycarbonate substrate can be reduced to less than .7% reflection when treated with one of View Thru’s antireflection coatings. The coatings are designed to be both durable and optically matched to either a polycarbonate or an acrylic material. The antireflection coatings can be combined with an antiglare coating to further reduce and control surface reflections in order to improve the readability of the display. Each antireflection coating is combined with a hydrophobic overcoat to facilitate easier cleaning and handling of the product without sacrificing performance.

Contrast Enhancement Filters – View Thru’s contrast enhancement filters are designed to improve the visible contrast between an image on a display and the display background. View Thru’s contrast enhancement filters can be created to match a specific color or they can consist of a neutral density gray filter for multi-color applications. In addition, View Thru produces a full line of polarized filters. Polarized filters provided another alternative solution to problems relating to poor display contrast. Polarized filters can comprise both linear and circular polarizers to provide enhanced viewing tailored to a specific application. These filters can also incorporate antiglare or antireflection finishes in order to create a complete display enhancing product.

EMI\RFI Optical Filters – View Thru provides a complete line of shielded filters that are designed to meet any shielding requirements ranging from low-level antistatic applications to Level 1 TEMPEST applications. View Thru uses both plated fine wire meshes as well as an array of conductive coatings to meet the customer’s shielding requirements. View Thru’s shielded windows can be designed to provide the necessary level of radiation shielding without causing an unacceptable degradation to the optical performance of a display. Additionally, View Thru’s shielded windows can be constructed with the same rugged construction used in building protective screens and thus can withstand the most rigorous environmental conditions.

Protective Screens – View Thru manufactures a complete line of protective optical filters designed to add a layer of protection to any equipment. From strengthened glass to a simple hard coated polycarbonate window, View Thru can match the right optical product with any application. View Thru’s protective screens are built and inspected to meet the most rigorous optical criteria. Coatings are expertly matched to meet the customer’s needs, both in performance and budget.