Frequently Asked Questions

What are optical filters?

Optical filters are filters that can be applied with an electronic display or enclosure in order to enhance the optics and shielding, and add value to the product. The filters allow for improved usability and superior functioning once the display is installed.

What are View Thru's size capabilities?

View Thru Technologies has the capability to create a wide range of sizes in optical filters. Currently filters can be built as small as .350 inches and as large as 75 inches.

How does the shielding process work?

EMI/RFI shielding selectively transmits or rejects a wavelength or a range of wavelengths.

View Thru Technologies uses EMI/RFI shielding which is produced through the use of printed mesh, woven mesh, or a conductive coating. These shielding elements absorb and conduct interference signals.

What is TEMPEST level shielding?

TEMPEST level shielding is an NSA regulated specification of shielding. TEMPEST level shielding refers to shielding that protects data from being spied upon or leaked to outside hackers.

What is the best shielded window for my application?

Both conductive coatings and mesh offer benefits. Historically, mesh offers higher shielding, while conductive coatings offer higher light transmission. By choosing View Thru’s new Printed Copper Mesh, customers are able to experience both high light transmission and improved shielding effectiveness.

What types of shielding does View Thru offer?

View Thru Technologies offers a wide range of shielding options, including:

Printed Copper Mesh, Blackened Copper Wire Mesh, Plated and Blackened Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, and Transparent Conductive Coatings.

Visit our EMI/RFI shielding product page for more information.

How do I ground my window to a display?

View Thru Technologies offers a variety of solutions to ground a window and provide proper termination for shielded windows. Typically, View Thru Technologies utilizes a combination of conductive silver paint applied as a perimeter buss bar, copper foil tape applied to the edge of the display, or conductive gaskets applied to the edge of the display.

Why would I choose polycarbonate over glass?

Polycarbonate is a lightweight alternative to glass. Additionally, polycarbonate provides higher impact resistance than glass. The durability of polycarbonate windows can be enhanced by selecting a hard coat from View Thru’s own VTT 3000 Hardcoat Series. These hardcoats provide abrasion and scratch resistance, along with chemical resistance, for improved use in the field.

How does View Thru Technologies inspect their windows?

View Thru Technologies has developed our own internal optical inspection standard . The standard is based on our experiences with the materials that we use, our process, and the expectation of our customer. View Thru also builds to customer requested specifications.

View Thru’s Blemish Specification Standard 

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