Our Process

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1. Engineering

With more than 50 years of combined design and manufacturing expertise, engineers at View Thru are committed to designing quality products to customers. By creating free, built-to-specification samples, engineers are able to provide the best quality and most cost effective solution for the customer’s needs

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2. Lamination

After receiving approval from the customer, View Thru Manufacturing utilizes high quality materials to laminate windows. During the lamination process, shielding products and filters can be adhered to various base materials to meet customer specifications.

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3. Machining

During the machining process, the laminated windows are cut to the customer specific size and shape using a CNC machine. The machinists at View Thru are trained to adhere to tight tolerances (+/- .005”) in order to meet customer installation requirements. Various machining techniques, such as using milled steps combined with gaskets or mounting adhesives, allow for easy one-step installation of an optical filter.

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4. Final Inspection

After the manufacturing process is complete, each individual part is sent through the final inspection process. The parts are 100% inspected to ensure only the highest quality products are being sent to the customer.